The Alternative Reality Music Library is a perfectly formed package. It contains over 1000 unique tracks across multiple genres, 95% of which which have multiple sub-mixes (E.G. no drums / sting / drums & bass only / guitars only etc.) to make around 4000 cues in total.

The expertly composed instrumental music is immediately useful for a wide range of reality TV, drama, comedy, documentary, advertising & branding uses. The Alternative Reality Music Library contains memorable theme tunes, emotive underscore, background tension, unobtrusive scene support & bombastic elation. The stings & sub mixes are thoughtfully prepared – here are the tools to define the sound for hundreds of new comedy & drama shows.

Our writers are tried-&-tested, with credits on Star Wars: Rogue One (trailer), Alien: Covenant (trailer), Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Real Housewives of NYC, Catfish, A&E’s Biography, Jersey Shore, Underworld: Blood Wars (trailer), Married to Jonas, Burger Wars, Ridiculousness, The Nature of Things, VICE, Paranormal Witness, Red Bull & more. The standard is high.

Our metadata is accurate & extensive. All tracks are embedded with relevant & expansive genre+mood tags. It’s all 1-stop easy clearance.


To discuss licensing our music worldwide: publishing@rinsethesync.com / Phone: (+1) 323-952-6090 Los Angeles

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